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julius by indecision-designs julius by indecision-designs


:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletgreen: description
This is made for so-jadedxx and it's of her character Julius. I think it turned out fairly well. I have to say, though, that I despise doing wings. I feel like they never really sit right or something. Enjoy. :)

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletgreen: logistics
Made with: Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Wacom Intuos3
Time taken: 4 hours

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletgreen: credits
horse - x
wings - x
background - x
sky - x
brushes - x
Everything else hand painted by me.


This image is copyrighted to indecision-designs. It is not to be used, reproduced, edited, or redistributed without expressed permission. Look but do not touch.
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arabesque-o Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Student Photographer
ooo! love the wings. ^^
sarcsms Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats amazing!

Thank you ^_^
xCrystals Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work..! :D
The colours of the sky matches the whole peace in an awesome way; it creates a very cool atmosphere! It has something menacing, just like the horse.. :D

And thanks for using my stock, off course.. :aww:
indecision-designs Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
thank you :heart: and thanks for providing stock.
madilynbeau Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is very eye catching and very nicely done. i love the back hoof for some reason x] all in all a very nice piece. :]
indecision-designs Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
Thank you. I too really appreciate the back hoof, just because it took me awhile to get it right. I'm glad someone else appreciates the small details like that, too. :heart:
HeavenHelena Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohmyf*cking god o-o
The horse is such a beuty <3 And i love the wings! Aldo- Maybe ... don't hate me D: ... i don't think the wings it collour matches the horse ... i dont fit so mutch- Anyway too mutch BlahBlah! It is still an awesome work =3 I couldn't make something like that :l So i need to shut up i guess :')
indecision-designs Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
Thanks for the comment. I do realize where you're coming from. But, honestly, it was because I couldn't find suitable wing stock that did match the color of the horse. In a way, the contrast almost adds more visual interest and I have come to view the wings as more of an asset. Before, I admit, I was reluctant, if not dismayed, at the concept of adding wings to the piece because I do hate working with them so much. However, it was what was requested so I didn't really have much of a choice.
HeavenHelena Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh i see. Haha now i know why :3
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January 13, 2011
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